Friday, April 25, 2008

Winter Storm Watch

I just heard that there's a WINTER storm coming our way... It is not winter, that i know, it's SPRING! if anyone could explain to me how is it possible for the planet to be warming up when is the end of April, and it's still cold up here?? Is it warming up everywhere else or something?? Any way, they say it might snow (4-5 inches, mind you) and to travel with a winter emergency bag, that i had never even imagined existed until i came here... I can see from my window that the wind is pretty bad, and all the cute animals that have been running around in our yard are gone... I was getting used to the warmth :) guess i'll have to wait a little longer...Maybe in June it would be warm, lol.
Peter and i are very happy, he's got 2 job offers, in two completely different cities! in the next few days, we need to decide where to go... Hopefully we won't have to travel through snowy roads (believe me, it's not fun)
I am so warm and cozy in here, it's hard to believe it's cold and drafty outside... I even saw a bunny yesterday! I'll take pictures if it does snow (i'm hoping it just rains)

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