Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April update on my life

Today is Wednesday, April 23. We still live in Kulm, but in a week or so we'll be moving...Somewhere. We've been looking for apartments like crazy since last week, because Peter got a job offer in Minnesota. I haven't even thought about it yet. I like that we'll be living in the city and we'll have lots to do with our daughter, including that children's museum i love, but it's scary any way. It scares me not knowing what's going to happen next, not knowing how our lives are going to change...When we move, we'll start from zero - we don't even have furniture (except for a bed Pete's parent's got for us, and the baby's crib) and i don't have a job yet. I've been looking for a job as an interpreter, but they haven't answered yet...This is so disturbing to me, we have to find a new church, new friends, find my way in a new community...It's all so hard for me, it seems to be easier for my husband, being his country and all...At least i'll have the comfort of having art museums i can go (that always makes me feel better for some reason- there's something special in seeing so much beauty around you i guess) I just hope i get some answers from that job, it's hard to move without really knowing what's going to happen. I'm so upset i don't even make any sense :)
Change has always been hard for me... And coming here has been a big change, and just when i was getting used to living in small town America, God moves us to a city... I wonder, what does he want us to do there?? I wish i could get a map or something, some to do list or anything... But that's not how God works, he leads you places, and lets you find out in His time what you are supposed to do, which is very hard for a control freak like me.
So, for now, we're looking at apartments in the Minneapolis area, haven't found anything yet that would accommodate our dog, us and our budget in the same place (by the way, what's with all the pools everywhere? apartment complexes here look like hotels to me, lol- you'd think with all the lakes, people wouldn't need as many pools)
I'll write again when we find/decide anything

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