Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A walk in town

We went for a walk today. This is a beautiful place to live in, there are lots of trees that have lots of flowers, squirrels, birds all over, rabbits...And tulips, lots of tulips that are starting to show everywhere :)

My husband had the idea that we should go and have lunch with him, so at about 11am, Lara and I went out to meet him. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. We walked down to Island Park, then turned left to walk to Main, across the rails, to Broadway :) it was a fun walk, there's a lot to see, with all the history and the different types of trees that i'm learning to recognize now. Everything is amazing to me, not used to the change of seasons, i didn't expect to see the amount of new life that would spring out in just a few days...It looks like a complete different place from the winter wonderland that i first saw when i came here. I just love Spring, and all that comes with it...

When it was time to come home for Lara's nap, at about 2pm, i was almost sad i had to go indoors in such a pretty day, so i decided to go meet Peter after work so we could walk some more. This time we went to the Park and stayed there for a while, watching the kids play and laugh together is one of the best things of this day. Lara found a little friend, and they played for a while until it was time to go get Daddy :)

This time we went down (or up, i'm not sure yet ) Broadway to a store called Zambros, or something like that...If you ever come up here, i'd recommend that you find that store. I love what they sell, but what i like the most is the little soda shop they have in the back. They make the best strawberry soda floats in town. I was dissapointed that we got there too late to get some floats, but ended up buying chunky color pencils, a big pad of blank pages, and a puppy book for Lara, who has developed a fixation on dogs lately... And a couple postcards to mail to my friend Joanne in New York City, who doesn't believe she actually knows someone that lives here :)

We've been thinking about biking around the city together as a family, so we went to the bike store to see one for Peter. We ended up buying one, that he'll use to go to work every morning from now on. I have a bike that Andy (Peter's brother) gave me, so i got a helmet for me too. Now we'll look for a cart for Lara (probably on Ebay, they're quite expensive new). Then we just walked home again.

There's something about walking with people you care for. It seems to me that the best times i've had with people is while we walked somewhere... I remember walking with my dad, one time we went to the beach. I remember going home with my cousin Chanel from the Mall in Santo Domingo, and another time in Santiago. Walking with my aunt Tania to go to school in Puerto Plata. Walking with my friend Linda across Bayardo to get to Torre Alta when i was in highschool. Walking with my friends from JCS after watching a movie, before i was married and i spent my weekends at their house.Walking with my sisters in Zona Colonial. Walking with my mom in El Conde. Walking around in Cabarete holding hands, before we had kids, and after. Always walking. There's a closeness that you get by doing this simple thing together that i can't describe. As i walked with Peter and Lara down that street, i was praising God for my family, all the wonderful people that one way or another have walked with me, when i was happy to share my happiness, and when i was sad, to hear me out and lend their shoulders so i could cry on them. I love my beautiful baby, and the wonderful man that God gave me as a husband.
I'll remember this day forever.
PS. I found that postcard on the internet :)