Monday, April 7, 2008

This is me...

I'm a wife and a mother, in learning...I make lots of mistakes, get frustrated at times, but enjoy every minute of my life. I'm married to a wonderful man, that brings out the best in me, even when i resent his pushiness, that thought a good idea to bring a girl from the tropics to the cold winters of North Dakota :). I love snow, scrapbooking, drawing, cooking good food and playing with my daughter, but most of all i love those catalogs that come in the mail here, but i never buy anything- I guess i'm not ready yet. I like going into stores and looking around, just an excuse to let my dreams roam the aisles free, i guess. I like a show named "what not to wear" by TLC, it shows me what i would wear if i could afford it, and if i knew how to put outfits together. I love to read, mostly novels from the past, like "pride and prejudice"...I hate doing dishes, ugly houses and bland food. I'm a Christian, looking for a place in the flock that God has for me, but that i haven't found yet...In a few words, i'm an imperfect being, trying to do the best she can to please her maker, and be humble at the same time. I wouldn't change anything about me, or my past, for i believe everything has a reason to be in your life.
I decided to write this blog when i was driving home with my husband today. I moved here recently, in December, and i still don't have a close friend to whom i could talk about my life and frustrations at getting used to living here. So i decided to make someone bored here instead :)
Hope you enjoy my ramblings,
Ps. I love fast food, too :) This country is so good!

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