Friday, March 26, 2010

Disneyland and Commodity Classic

This month was really great for us, we got to travel with Bart and Linsey, and got to go to Disneyland with Lara for her 3rd birthday. Going there has been a dream of mine ever since i can remember, so i think i had more fun than Lara there. A few years ago there was a TV campaign that showed a mother that magically turns into a little girl as soon as she comes into the park. I believe that's what happened to me. I was laughing so hard the whole time i was there, my cheeks hurt that night. I also got to spend time with my brother and his family, and that made it even better, that was a week to remember for sure :) I hope we can do that more often. when we came back home, we celebrated with her friends and cousins in Fargo, with a Dora The Explorer fiesta, complete with a Dora Cake (baked and decorated by me), Dora Balloons and a piƱata...That refused to open when we pulled on it. We didn't have enough chairs, so most of us sat on the floor for Tacos and cake. It was a lot of fun too.
The real reason for us to go there, to Anahaim, was because this year's Commodity Classic was there. If you are not in the Farm bussiness, i'll explain what this conference looked like to me- It's another version of Disneyland, but for farmers. You got a lot to see, and lots of people around you, big things to ride (tractors and combines, the biggest and meanest i've seen), lots of stuff to put in your bag (that they provide) and lots of interesting characters to look at :) they are not in a costume though... The people walk around with a look of wonder in their eyes, or maybe just sleepiness- the meetings start at 6 am-, and the atmosphere is light, with music in the air. Just like Disneyland.
My father in Law, Bart, spent the whole time working, so hard we'd only see him at dinner and most times talking to a whole bunch of people that seem to follow him around all the time. He would walk so fast, that half the time we lost him in the crowd. Linsey was working hard too, she couldn't come with us to Disney, but found some time to spend time with her favorite grand daughter at supper too. Peter went to a few things as well, but not as many as his mom and dad.
My first surprise was just arriving to the hotel, and finding some goodies they left for us there, really good cheese, wine, fruit- and a present for Lara (that we lost the next day in Downtown Disney). We had an unbelievable room, on the 17th floor, with a great view of Anahaim and the far away mountains. It even had a door chime, that freaked me out the first time i heard it :) It came with access to a room on the next floor, that had breakfast in the morning and appetizers at night. I was in hotel heaven. We were close enough to Disney to walk there, and also really close to all the Commodity action going on. I loved it. I even got to dress up a couple times.
One of the reasons why i was so excited to go to Anahaim, was because i'd have the chance to meet my brother Eric and his wife, and their two girls: Erica and Keilah. It was the first time in our life spending time together, so it was a big deal. We had so much fun together, laughed so much- that i didn't want to leave their side when it was time for us to go. I hope to be able to get together with them more often in the future.
Next year's Commodity Classic is in Florida. It is going to be very important, because Bart is going to be the president this time, and he gets a party. I wonder if i'll get a turn on the microphone... Maybe i should start compiling all the juicy bits from now :)
Can't wait to go climbing combines with Peter again- That was a lot of fun. Just like Disneyland.