Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Things about me you might not know...

I went to a MOPS meeting today, for the first time... When i woke up this morning, i though it was the worst idea I've ever had. What was i going to do, behave or say in a room full of women that are so different culturally from me?? I wrestled with the thought all the way there, and if i had been by myself, I'd probably have turned around. But Peter was there, and as usual, pushed me towards my own good, even when i resist it. I had a lot of fun, and i met lots of new people, and realized that even though i wasn't born in this country, i can relate to people here just fine...And that i love Peter so much for pushing me to see that...
The past few weeks and month have been really crazy, with Peter losing his job, staying home for a month looking for another one, then getting hired by a new company, just to be offered his old job with a pay increase...He didn't take it (well, not completely, he now works for both companies- Full time on one, then monitors from his computer a couple hours at night). As for me, I've been adapting, little by little, but moving forward nonetheless...It helps that i like it here. Fargo is a city full of great things to do, and friendly people. We might not have the biggest buildings, but what we lack on height we have on friendliness. I find people willing to help me everywhere i go, and going to parks and riding the bus always provides the joy of talking to different people, and learning about the different cultures that make this area. I remember reading the inscription on the Dollar bill, i think it is "Et pluribus unum" or something like that, but i didn't fully understand what it would be for a nation to be "from many, one" until i got here...So many nationalities, so many different cultures and ways of living, living together, calling themselves Americans... I wish people in my country took as much pride in their flag and their country as the people I've met here. I have a friend that doesn't like the USA, to the extent of never coming here to visit. She lives in Europe, in Italy. I don't think she has ever had the chance to meet the people, just has read what the papers have to say (that sometimes is far from accurate) and has decided to believe it. Living here, i can say that nothing she ever told me is true, I've found plenty of good things about this country, so many, that i have actually decided to in its due time, become an American too. I love how organized things are here, how things work, when you have lived in a country where fixing a road takes 2-3 years, this is refreshing. People complain a lot here, about politics, the economy, traffic, the weather, etc- They might be insensible to the great things that happen here, just because they've always been around them. It's like when you walk into a store with a new smell in it, the people that work there can't feel it anymore, but since i just came in, it's really intense for me...I'm hoping that never fades, and that i learn to continue to recognize the many blessings that God has in this country, i wouldn't move anywhere else in the world, i might go visit, but i simply love it here. I really do.
Next month I'll try yet another adventure, going BY MYSELF to the DR...With Lara. Prayers would be appreciated. Ideas of how to handle a cranky toddler during a two hour flight without a movie, accepted too.
Ps. I'll keep you guys posted for any new developments, I'm planning on taking a dance class this fall...Lots of funny pictures might be taken (i have two left feet, specially before i get my period...The worst case of PMS I've ever seen, lol)