Friday, March 13, 2009

Lara's Two Years old!!!!

My daughter is two years old now. Definitively not a baby anymore. She is her own self, and a very strong self if you ask me, her favorite phrase is "I got it"- which means, stop trying to help me mom, i'm fine doing it by myself. Today she insisted on making her bed :) but she's still resisting potty training. It's funny how someone so small already shows all the crazy contradictions that we all share, how even on her own small way, she tries like us to do the best she can, and conquer her fears in the process. She still needs me a lot, i know, but i miss the little baby that i used to hold just to watch her sleep, and at the same time, i don't miss that time anymore. I like this little girl a lot, with her spunky personality, and her spanglish :) i love how she says "i love you too mammie" when i put her on time out (happens at least once a day) and her determination to do things by herself, including going up and down the stairs and putting her shoes on (and she can, even the ones with zippers)...I love how she tells Peter "Daddy that's funny" when he makes a silly face, and how she tells him that he is "cute"...Things that a baby can't do. I haven't counted how many words she can say, because i don't think that would be as important as just listening to what she has to say. And my little free thinker has a lot to say, it seems, lol. Specially when she doesn't get what she wants :)
Who is this new Lara? well, she loves playing with her ball, and going out to touch the snow. She likes "helping" in the kitchen (she stands on a chair and watches me cook) and cleaning up (she's actually really good at it, i spray some cleaner on the surfaces, and she wipes it out with a cloth- sometimes asking for more if she can't get rid of everything) and she picks up garbage and throws it in the can. She's a girly girl that doesn't like when her shoes are dirty, or her hands. She loves books, and this week's favorite is Red Fish Blue Fish, but it changes every week- it's cute to see her sit down and "read" (she surprised me by recognicing the letters P, A and C- i guess watching Sesame Street every day at 9, and WordWorld at 2 (her favorites) really teaches them stuff). She loves to wear her pretty dresses, and playing with puzzles, coloring books and play-doh. She's also learned to pedal forward in the trycicle, and counts from 1 to 10 (skipping some numbers sometimes, both in English and Spanish- and her favorite number is 3 for some reason)... As i said, not a baby anymore. She likes taking baths and brushing her teeth too. And Slides :) I could go for hours! she's so active...
I really love my little girl :) Happy Birthday Lara!

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Kate said...

Don't worry about the potty training. My niece's mommy is waiting until the weather is warmer out, then she's just going to stop using diapers and thinks Ava will get it once she has a few accidents with the big girl panties!