Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My new old brothers and sisters

Something really interesting happened this year. For some reason, God decided it was time for me and my brothers and sisters to be reunited, to start building relationships. Our father here didn't invest any time getting us acquainted, so we grew up knowing next to nothing about each other, just that somewhere in the world, there were other people that shared our blood. I grew up in a small town, but my mother made sure i had contact with my siblings living in the city, and that enriched my life immensely. Now i have met so many new ones, so many different people, with lives that are a mystery to me, with so many different ways of life, and yet so similar to me. Looking at them, i see so many common physical traits, it's weird- after all, we were not born from the same woman. It seems to me that these common traits are more than skin deep however- we seem to think alike in many ways, and most of all we share that craziness that makes us shine (or be embarrassed, depending on the day)... I can't wait to see my brothers and sisters, to get to know them, to learn about them. Will they like me? I hope so.
Now i have so many things to learn: Italian, sign language, how to behave in public - wait, that last one might be impossible, baby steps: try to be less crazy might work better ;) - and hopefully be a better sister than i have been until now.
For the ones i grew up seeing, i wish i could bring them here with me (in the winter, so we can be miserable together? no? ok ok), i miss you all so much. Tony, there's not one day that i don't think about you, specially when i see comic books and other things that i am sure you'd be crazy about... I wish i was rich, so i could send you all the things you'd like. I even miss fighting with you, and having you call me names. Marianth, i am so sad i'm missing Jael's growing up years, and hanging out with you in Zona Colonial. My times sitting with you, Gloria and your mom have been the happiest of my adult life, besides getting married and having Lara. I think of you too every day, specially on Tuesdays, i don't know why. Gloria, i miss you too- even though it really hurt my feelings that the last time i went to Santo Domingo, you couldn't give me one minute of your time to let me see you... And i don't even know what i did to offend you. And Carolina, even though the past 10 years i've only seen you about three times, i miss you too. And I love you all, even if i probably never said it.
I don't know how it is for all of you, but meeting you like this has brought out lots of things i hadn't thought about before. And a lot of anger with myself for not trying hard enough to find you. Hope we can get to love each other, and that our relationship grows in years to come... Let's not make this facebook thing the only meaningful interaction we have- Let's work on getting together and building up on this, so we can truly call each other sister and brother.
Anyway, i've gotten emotional again- as usual. I better get my butt to bed, i think i had enough of that for now. Hugs to you all- if you kept reading my ramblings, that is.

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