Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's day is over, at last. We had the family over, Grandpa and Grandma Schott, Andy, Micah, aunt Myrna, another aunt i can't remember her name, her husband and two more cousins... The house was full of people for the first time. I enjoyed every minute, but I'm glad is over, I'm sooooo tired :) I've never seen so much food either, the Schotts really know how to P-A-R-T-Y, LOL, so we had BBQ ribs, Bratworstz and plenty of corn in the cob and potato casserole. It was a really fun day, and everyone enjoyed Lara a lot. We really need more chairs, though.
I've been looking around for fun Elmo furniture and stuff for Lara's new toddler room (one I'm planning, now that my baby is getting too big for a nursery), and that's fun. Not finding anything under 80 dollars anywhere, not fun... Can you believe that it would be cheaper to fix our bedroom than to buy toddler furniture??? I'm guessing that crazy parents spend more money than other people. I'll keep looking, i know somewhere there's someone whose kid has outgrown the stuff i want, that it's willing to part from it at a reasonable price (i can dream, can't i?)
We also joined the YMCA this week, and as of this next week I'll start exercising regularly (Peter's going to make me, not my choice- but i know it's for my own good, so I'll do it) I might need to get some guidance though, i haven't had a workout or anything like it since i learned i was pregnant...So wish me luck. And now back to Craigslist to keep looking for the Elmo stuff. For the 12th time.
Ps. I joined another art class :) i'm so happy!

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